Joyeux Noel 2019

Joyeux Noel 2019

It's important to stay detail oriented with every project we tackle. Staying focused allows us to turn every project we complete into something we love.

Eric Desemberg · 24 déc. 2019


Hundreds of millions of online accounts were compromised in corporate data breaches, the US presidential election process was plagued by cyber-meddling, internet infrastructure companies faced massive digital attacks that disrupted web connectivity for millions of people, and Apple faced off with the FBI in an epic privacy battle. When reality is more terrifying than a movie could ever be, perhaps it's time to retreat into the fictional for awhile and enjoy the fascinating world of cybersecurity from the safety of your living room for a change. Here are some favorite movies and television shows from 2016 that will let you get a taste of the hacker underworld over the holidays—hopefully without consigning you to a permanent state of digital dread. We aim high at being focused on building relationships with our clients and community. Using our creative gifts drives this foundation.

01. Mr. Robot

Well, duh. USA's Mr. Robot is probably the most accurate and detailed dramatic portrayal ever made of current hacking practices and hacker culture. Its depiction of the cybersecurity community and its broader meditation on the relationship between humans and technology isn't perfect. (Not to mention that Season 2, which aired this year, had some narrative issues.) But overall the show is compelling and full of delightful references and winks to the cybersecurity subculture.

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02. Snowden

The story of whistleblower Edward Snowden is the most dramatic spy story of the decade. An Oliver Stone biopic was inevitable. So here it is. As movies almost always do, Snowden eliminates the nuance from this complicated and controversial story, painting Snowden as a hero and the National Security Agency as a one-dimensional villain. But as WIRED pointed out when the movie debuted, Snowden is important because it's the accessible version of events that many Americans will remember.

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03. Person of Interest

It's not every day that a network drama puts the ethics and repercussions of bulk surveillance at the core of its premise, but CBS's Person of Interest managed to do it successfully. The show combines government surveillance to stop terrorist attacks with an eccentric hacker billionaire and vigilante justice. It even grapples with questions of how an artificial intelligence evolves and incorporates biases. Person of Interest is particularly known for airing a prescient episode in 2012 about a National Security Agency whistleblower very similar to Edward Snowden.

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Selecting the Right Movie

It's important to stay detail oriented with every project we tackle. Staying focused allows us to turn every project we complete into something we love. We strive to embrace and drive change in our industry which allows us to keep our clients relevant and ready to adapt. As creatives, it's important that we strive to do work outside of obligation. This lets us stay ahead of the curve for our clients and internal projects. At the end of the day, it's important to not let being busy distract us from having fun. Smiling, laughing, and hanging helps us work together to achieve this.

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